Question And Answer Session USA - 28th June 1996

28/06/1996 - 12:00am
MTA International

A question and answer session with Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul-Masih IV (ra) and English speaking friends in USA. Recorded on on June 28, 1996.

1) 00:05 when judgment of dead person take place ?
2) 04:04 what is the difference between Oulul albab and Aulul Alnaha means?
3) 10:15 How God was created ?
4) 14:25 Why men can not wear silk?
5) 15:45 Between hell and heaven there is a thin wire, what is that?
6) 23:00 How I can concentrate in namaz?
7) 25:00 At what age children should start praying o time?
8) 28:40 What is the importance of tahajuud?
9) 31:30 If god knows our future then why he is testing us?
10) 40:10 What is the Ahmadiyya view about the men revolution?
11) 45:00 What Islam teaches about domestic violence?
12) 51:00 What is the Islamic teaching if someone want to expose his husband?
13) 55:40 What is the Islamic teaching about the women rights in the case of wife and husband divorced and the possession of children ?
14) 59:00 What wisdom you can offer us to guide our children?
15) 01:07:35 what is the meaning of وما ملکت ایمانکم ?
16) 01:15:20 How can an Ahmadi women find suitable match for her?
17) 01:20:10 When Hadrat yusaf (as) was thrown in the well by his brothers , how old he was at that time ?


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