Huzoor's Mulaqat With Waqfe Nau - Finland - 18th December 2021

18/12/2021 - 12:00am
MTA International

A mulaqat with Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (may Allah be his Helper) and Waqfe Nau from Finland. Recorded on December 18, 2021.

Q1: How can we know if Allah is happy with us?
Q2: In Surah Al Fatiha Allah says that he is Lord of all the worlds. are there any other worlds apart from this one?
Q3: Children come to take sweets from our houses for Halloween, can we give them the sweets? Q4: In Jamaat events when we address elders with Aunty or Uncle, they do not like it. How should we address them?
Q5: Those waqfe nau who leave education and those who start working after completing education and do not inform Jamaat, what can be done for them?
Q6: A lot of research is being carried about the fatal disease of cancer, do you think in future its cure will be discovered?
Q7: These days men do body building and use supplements for outer beauty more than health, is this okay to do?
Q8: Those Waqfe nau who are here temporarily or on work visas, they have to work. How can they serve Jamaat and offer their services?
Q9: Some people say that they speak the truth no matter how bad it seems and sometimes its very hurtful. Is that the correct way?
Q10: Which story book did you read in childhood?
Q11: In school we have a huge difference in culture with our classmates. How close can we be with them?
Q12: During tabligh when we tell our friends that Islam is a peaceful religion, they say tell this to your countries, we are already peaceful.
Q13: Which physical activities should we encourage Waqfe Nau to engage in that do not create a hindrance in passionate service for Jamaat?
Q14: Can Waqfe nau Lajna fulfil their duties by carrying out a service in Jamaat or do they have to go to other countries to fulfil their waqf?
Q15: When we tell our friends about Allah, they say that we have everything and do not need anything, what will we get if we believe in Him?
Q16: Can you please relate an incident from your college life?


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